Do you have fitover/wearover glasses?

We do! Right now, we have two WearOver™ styles, each designed to fit over your prescription glasses: (1) Original WearOver, and (2) Tatum WearOver.

(1) Original WearOver

Our Original WearOver is 63 x 14 x 146 millimeters. This classic fitover style comes with adjustable arms to fit a variety of faces and universal, category 4, gray tinted side windows that block extra light.

(2) Tatum WearOver

Our Tatum WearOver is 58 x 16 x 138 millimeters. This modern take on a fitover is 30% lighter-weight than the Original WearOver, has a modest shelf at the top of the frame for great coverage, and comes in black or tortoise color.

If you love the tint and would like a custom pair using your prescription, then we'd be happy to exchange them for a prescription pair of TheraSpecs! For more information on how exchanges work, visit

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