What are the most problematic light sources?

Artificial lights and digital screens have high concentrations of uncomfortable blue light that can cause a number of responses to those who experience issues related to light.

Cool white LEDs emit the highest amount of blue light of all artificial light sources.

Fluorescents have similarly high levels of blue light and come with invisible flicker that can trigger or worsen symptoms for light-sensitive individuals.

Worst of all, LEDs and fluorescents are the backlight of most digital screens – from phones, to TVs, to computers!

To provide protection and relief, we designed specialized TheraSpecs lenses to target and filter out the most problematic light across the entire visible light spectrum.

Get help choosing the right lens for you with our lens assistant.

If sunlight is just as uncomfortable, then we recommend trying a polarized pair of TheraSpecs FL-Sun™ Dark+ or Ultradark+, filtering out the most light of the same wavelengths and cutting back on painful glare.

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