Can you help me understand my prescription?

While every prescription looks different, they all share some common features. Let's break it down together!

  • Sphere (SPH) - This corrects for near- or far-sightedness.
  • Cylinder and Axis - These correct for astigmatism, something that makes your vision blurry.
  • Addition (ADD) - This is the bottom "reading" portion, only found on multifocal prescriptions.

Each eye might need different correction strengths, so prescriptions are often written for the right eye (OD) and the left eye (OS) separately.

Your prescription might also list pupillary distance (PD), the distance between the center of each pupil! PD is either listed as one bigger number (e.g. 60mm) or as two smaller numbers, one for each eye (e.g. 28mm / 32mm).

Those are the basics! If your prescription has a prism or other unique features, then email (1) your preferred frame style and (2) a copy of your current Rx to our dedicated care team – they'll be happy to share the best next steps!

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