Can you make no-line progressives?

Absolutely! Progressives smoothly transition from general-distance at the top of the lens to near-distance at the bottom.

Unlike a bifocal, there aren't any lines on a progressive - instead, the Rx strength "progresses" from general-distance into close reading as you travel down the lens.

To order a progressive:

  1. Visit, and click on your favorite style.
  2. Select "Prescription" from the "Lens Correction" section.
  3. Select "No-Line/Progressive Bifocal" from the "Prescription Type" section.

Once you've selected all of your options (e.g. frame style, lens material) and have uploaded a valid prescription, the price will update!

(NOTE: If you were interested in a lined trifocal instead, contact our dedicated care team for the next best steps!)

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