How can I make my workspace more comfortable?

While there are many ways to make your work environment more comfortable, here are our three favorite tips:

(1) WARMER LIGHTS - Since cool LEDs and fluorescents emit a lot of uncomfortable blue light, we recommend closing the blinds, turning off overhead lights, and switching to floor lamps with warm white LEDs or halogen light bulbs.

(2) COMPUTER PLACEMENT - Keep a smudge-free computer screen to minimize glare, and make sure the area near your monitor is as bright as the screen itself. Brains can interpret different brightness levels as flashing lights, so avoid placing your computer in front of a window or in a dark corner.

(3) BRIGHTNESS - Dimmed screens produce an invisible flicker, resulting in uncomfortable symptoms. To provide some relief, turn your computer up to full brightness and adjust the white balance for a warmer visual temperature. This is usually found under "night light," "blue light setting," or "night shift mode."

Combine these tips with light filtering TheraSpecs for optimal relief and protection!

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