How do I choose a lens type and tint?

The easiest way to narrow down the tint type and strength you need is to answer a few quick questions with our lens assistant. If you still have questions, please contact our customer care team for help at or read below for more information on how to choose a lens type and lens strength.

How to Choose a Lens Type

By Condition or Issue

By Light Source

By Lens Type

  • FL-Pro™ is our flagship lens designed to block the most harmful light known to trigger or worsen conditions such as migraines, headaches, brain injury and post-concussion symptoms, and photophobia. Crafted with a rose-colored tint backed by decades of research on the efficacy of FL-41, this lens provides excellent protection against artificial lighting sources, such as fluorescents, LEDs, and computer and device screens.
  • FL-Blend™ is a more understated lens that retains the protective features of FL-41 in a more subtle hue. Ideal for those seeking relief from light-sensitive conditions like migraines and concussions, FL-Blend ensures defense against artificial light, including fluorescents, LEDs, and screens on digital devices in a less noticeable lens.
  • Z-Blue™ is engineered to alleviate symptoms and discomfort caused by flashing lights and repetitive patterns. Tailored for individuals with traumatic brain injuries, photosensitive epilepsy, and seizure disorders, Z-Blue provides excellent protection against this visual stimulation .
  • Sleep is your evening companion for better rest. By blocking disruptive blue light, this lens promotes melatonin production when worn for 2-3 hours before bedtime, promoting a peaceful night's sleep by mitigating the impact of artificial lighting sources.
  • Flex allows for versatile protection from light sensitivity in a discreet form. This barely there tinted lens offers good relief for individuals with mild light sensitivity. It’s perfect for those seeking to keep a low profile. It is also suitable for night driving due to its light lens tint.
  • Contrast HEV™ increases visual clarity by filter high-energy visible light and can protect eye health. Sharpen your vision by enhancing contrast for a wide range of activities, including sports and computer use. The tint is light enough to be suitable for driving at night.
  • FL-Sun™ combines dark, polarized lenses with the power of FL-41, which targets the wavelengths of sunlight that cause the most discomfort. It protects you from sunlight and outdoor glare to care for your eyes and brain during outdoor activities.

How to Choose a Lens Strength

For lenses that offer multiple strengths, our standard strength tint is most popular. The overall tint of the lens is 35%. It balances protection from the most problematic wavelengths of light with a lens that is comfortable to wear.

If you know light bothers you a lot or you are very sensitive to it, our extra strength tint is a good option. For people who are exceptionally sensitive to light, we offer max strength, though we generally recommend starting with a lighter tint first.

Note, if you have photosensitive epilepsy, we recommend TheraSpecs Z-Blue™ in max strength. That is the only strength that has been studied for this condition.

Whatever tint strength you choose, please let us know if it doesn’t meet your needs. We make exchanging for a lighter or darker tint easy!

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