When should I wear my TheraSpecs?

TheraSpecs are designed to protect your from problematic light. Wearing them around known light triggers will help you enjoy their full benefit. If you're not sure what your light triggers are, start by wearing your indoor TheraSpecs whenever you're exposed to artificial light and your outdoor TheraSpecs in sunshine or outside. After a few weeks of consistent use, you should be able to identify the most problematic light sources and can adapt your use accordingly.

Some customers also find TheraSpecs can stop an attack or light-sensitive episode that’s already begun, especially if they catch it early. Even if it continues, TheraSpecs can provide relief by taking the edge off the surrounding light.

You can wear your TheraSpecs for as long as you wish each day. Indoor TheraSpecs are light enough to avoid increasing sensitivity to light. We recommend wearing outdoor TheraSpecs only when you are in outdoor or exposed to bright sunlight, since wearing sunglasses inside can increase sensitivity to light through a process called dark adaptation. (Learn more here.)

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